Money Drop Duo Movie

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This year at Voss Extreme Sport Week I teamed up with Julian Stocker, Hugh Graham and Finn Burrows to make the 'Todays Video' for Kayaking. With a few high action loud music edits already under our belts we decided to aim for something a little more scripted and less serious. We sat down and threw a few ideas round about running Money Drop in the Duo and with their superb acting skills and a bit of creative editing we came up with this. I think the audience was a bit unsure what was going on at the beginning but once they saw the main drop they exploded and it was a success.
Actors -
Julian Stocker as Julian
Hugh Graham as Hugh

Camera -
Josh Neilson - 7D, Gopro, Dolly
2nd Camera
Finn Burrows

Josh Neilson

Best Friends - Unknown


Duration: 3:00 | Feb 18th 2012

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