H&F's Chile Adventure - Part One: Santiago to Pucon

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So this is how it started...we got off a plane, went to paddle some rivers and did some stuff while filming it all.

This is part one of three magical videos, specifically tailored towards people who like kayaking. In this installment Finn and Hugh take you from Santiago airport to Pucon and do some kayaking with a bunch of great people.

Times were had, things were done and it all happened in Chile.


Filmed on: Canon 550D, 600D, GoPro Hero2
Filming: Hugh Graham, Finn Burrows
Editing: Finn Burrows
Graphic design: Adam Dumolo

Music: First Aid Kit - Winter is all over you (Baauer Remix)
Notorious B.I.G. - Machinegun Funk (Woody's Produce Remix)
Doc Watson - Deep River Blues (Not even a remix)

(You've done it... you read it all, well done)


Duration: 6:47 | Feb 18th 2013

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